"Discover How To Add 100's Of Pounds To Your Squat, Bench Press And Deadlift... Using The Exact Techniques I Use To Squat 1214lbs, Bench Press 755lbs And Deadlift 1008lbs"

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Learn How To:

  • Master your Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift Technique... you'll lift more weight - faster than ever before

  • Lift Raw and Equipped - if you don't know the differences between the two styles you could end up in trouble

  • Eliminate aches and pains

  • Develop a powerful mind-set... this will give you an "edge" in the gym and at competitions

  • Perform 10 easy-to-learn Pull-Up variations that you can use to build a stronger Back

  • Quickly design Conditioning and Recovery Workouts that will improve your strength, body composition and your health

Grab Your Copy Of:

  • "Explode Your Squat"

  • "Explode Your Bench"

  • "Explode Your Deadlift"

  • “Conditioning & Recovery Workouts For The Strength Athlete"

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  • And 4 Awesome Bonus Books

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Dear friend who wants to get stronger,

I have some important questions for you...

Be honest with me as you answer:

If you are anything like I was when I first started strength training and focusing on the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift, you will have answered "YES" to a few of those questions or perhaps all of them.

However, you must not feel bad about it because their are many other lifters and athletes out there who are experiencing similar problems with their lifting.

So you are not alone.

And the good news is...

There is hope and I'm going to explain why, right now...

"How I Went From Zero To Hero And Ended Up Squatting 1214lbs, Benching 755lbs and Deadlifting 1008lbs... "

As I write this I can say that I have Squatted 1214lbs, Benched 755lbs and Deadlifted 1008lbs.

I've also been a 7 time WPC World Powerlifting Champion and a 2 time WPO Champion. During my career I have also held the all-time Powerlifting Total Record, the all-time Squat record, the British Bench Press record and have of course Deadlifted over 1000lbs not once, but twice.

Most people would agree that makes me pretty dam strong ;)

However, things were not always this way for me and I started out my strength training career like everybody else...

... totally clueless.

I really didn't know anything about strength training... my Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift technique were awful and I was often over-trained and/or was suffering with injuries, aches and pains. In fact, despite recently Bench Pressing 342.5kg in a powerlifting competition - I struggled to Bench 65kg when I first started training...

Not very impressive for a guy weighing 110kg (I was naturally a pretty big dude but unfortunately this didn't mean I naturally had a big Bench Press).

What I am glad to tell you is that I did not settle for knowing nothing about training and have spent the past 20 years reading, researching and figuring out what really works in the field of "getting strong".

And with this knowledge I have built my Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift to the numbers I previously told you about and I routinely help my clients hit life-time Personal bests... even if they had been stuck at the same numbers for months prior to working with me.

Here's a quick list of the areas that I have spent the most time finding out about and that have been the most important in helping me to get strong and are most important for helping you to get strong as well:

The reason why I have put this offer together for you is so that you can benefit for my experience and start to make the kind of strength gains on your Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift that you deserve. I also want to make sure that you don't have to make all the mistakes that I made along the way.

Before I tell you more about the offer, I am going to share with you some of the most important things I know (and teach) about getting seriously strong.

Pay careful attention as you discover 5 of my most powerful training ideas and techniques:

"5 Things You Must Do If You Want To Increase Your Squat, Bench Press And Deadlift... "

1. Work On Your Technique

Technique is very important for 2 main reasons.

Firstly, excellent technique will allow you to make the fastest strength gains and reach your strength potential.

Secondly, good technique will give you the best chance possible of staying injury-free and minimising the amount of aches and pains you get from training.

If you look at the world of strength training, you will often find that the strongest guys have great technique. I hope you are sold on the idea of improving your technique and make a commitment to do so.

Here are 3 things to work on that are essential to your lifting success:

1. Arch your lower back when you Squat

The opposite situation is where you round your lower back.

The arched position is STRONG and SAFE. Whereas the rounded back position is weaker and un-safe.

If you value your Squatting strength and the health of your lower back, make sure you arch throughout each and every rep. Film your lifts to check your form and if you do not arch, reduce the weight and work on it until you can hold the arch on every rep you do.

Only then should you ramp up the weights again.

2. Use your legs when you Bench Press

A lot of guys think that the Bench Press is purely an upper body movement. And whilst the Pecs, Delts, Lats and Triceps do a lot of the work, you must not overlook the roll of the legs.

Without a massive leg drive, you will never reach your potential on the Bench Press.

If you do not currently drive with your legs on the Bench and you learn to do so, you could realistically add 20 pounds or more to your press in a few sessions if you start to work on this.

As you lower the bar to your chest, drive your heels into the floor. As you press the bar back up, drive even HARDER (and make sure that your Glutes stay on the Bench).

Mastering leg drive requires some practise but you can do it.

3. Keep the bar close to your body on your Deadlift

One of the biggest mistakes that beginner and intermediate lifters make on the Deadlift is letting the bar get too far in front of them as they pull.

When this happens the lower back and Hamstrings are made to work overtime and whilst you can get away with it with lighter weights... when you approach your max you will probably fail - or not lift as much as you could.

The correct way to pull is to keep the bar close to you at all times.

This is the easiest path and the one that allows you to lift the most weight. Think of "pulling back" as soon as you break the bar from the floor and you will soon be pulling like a pro with the bar nice and close to your body.

If you ever wondered why great Deadlifters have scars on their shins... now you know. And if you don't want the scars, just be sure to wear long socks when you Deadlift. Problem solved.

2. Learn To Get Tight

Tension and tightness are a lifters best friend.

If you want to build your Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift... you must learn to stay tight because the tighter you get, the more weight you will lift.

When you watch a beginner Squat there is usually a noticable lack of tension and this results in "strength leakages" (or losses of power).

Here are some tips to think about when you Squat, Bench and Deadlift that will help you get tighter:

3. Train Hard... With Purpose And Intensity

You must train hard.

It sounds so simple, yet many people fail to do it and it should be no surprise that these people are always the ones complaining that they can not get stronger.

Strength is a great attribute to have, but the reason why 99.99% of guys never get anywhere near their strength potential is because they do not train hard enough.

If you train with purpose and intensity, you will be training hard. Here are what those two words mean in this context:

Training with "purpose"

If you go to the gym and bust your ass (train really hard) but you haven't got a sensible plan - then you may progress, but you will do so at a slower rate and with a greater risk of injury than if you trained with purpose.

To train with purpose you need a plan.

You must not simply go to the gym and "lift". Instead, have a training program that guides you. A good TRAINING PROGRAM will lay out the following things:

If you are neglecting any of the above things in your training program then I can guarantee that you are not getting the most out of your training.

So start to really take a look at everything you are doing in the gym and put together a training program where you have a solid reason for including everything that is on it. If you don't know why you are including something in your plan - it probably shouldn't be there.

The bottom line is that your training program gives you purpose.

Training with "intensity"

Intensity has 2 meanings.

1. Busting your ass and training really hard (this is how most guys see it)

2. The percentage of your 1 rep max (for example, if you have a 100kg 1 rep max on the Bench Press and do a set of 5 reps at 80kg... you are working at 80% intensity)

The truth about intensity is that both meanings of the word are useful. You can not develop maximal strength if you never go above 70% of your max and likewise - you are unlikely to get strong if you never feel like you have worked hard.

The take home message is that if you want to get strong, you must train hard and lift heavy.

4. Use Conditioning And Recovery Workouts To Help Your Main Lifting Sessions

Conditioning and recovery are very important to your success as a lifter.

With better conditioning you will be able to do more work in same amount of time at the gym or the same amount of work in less time. This will make your training more efficient.

The faster you recover from your training, the better you will perform the next time you train. To get the most out of your training you must do as much work as possible in a given session, whilst not doing so much that you can not recover in time for your next workout.

Here are some very easy things that you can do for conditioning and recovery:

Walking with ankle weights

Use 5 to 10 pounds per leg and walk for 15 to 30 minutes twice a week. Walking is a great way to condition yourself without it impacting on your leg strength. The ankle weights make the walk somewhat tougher.

If your legs are sore from heavy Squats or Deadlifts, a 20 minute walk is a great idea. The increased blood flow will help recovery. Sitting on your ass watching television won't.

Band only Push Downs and Hamstring Curls

2 or 3 sets of 15 to 30 reps of Band Only Push Downs and Band Only Hamstring Curls is a great way to pump the Triceps and Hamstrings full of blood. This can be done at home and will take 10 minutes at the most.

As well as promoting recovery and conditioning the muscles to handle more work in your main strength training sessions, a mini workout like this will build TENDON and LIGAMENT strength - vital if you want to get as strong as possible, as safely as possible.

5. Find Out Which Assistance Exercises Work For You

There are 1000's of assistance exercises that you can include in your training program.

In fact, every single day I get numerous questions about which assitance exercises to use for which lifts. The fact is, everyone is different.

For example, if you pull Sumo, the Front Squat may be a good assistance exercise for your Deadlift. In contrast, if you pull Conventional with a rounded upper back... the Front Squat probably wouldn't work so well for you.

For this reason, trying to say that a particular assistance exercise will make you stronger on a particular lift is not easy to do. Some experimentation must be done.

With that said, there are two simple ways to work out whether or not to include an assistance exercise in your program...

The 2 things you must consider with regard to every assistance exercise...

1. Include it if it is likely to make you less likely to suffer an injury

2. Include the exercise if it helps you get stronger on the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift (or whatever your main lifts are)

If an exercise doesn't meet numbers 1 and/or 2 in the list above - drop it from your program because it's a waste of time and energy.

So there you have it. Some simple, yet highly effective ways to instantly improve your strength. Be sure to work on these things the very next time you set foot in the gym.

In the books that you will receive from this offer you will discover plenty more information like the stuff you've just read about above... the only difference is there will be way more of it and it's way more detailed...

Exactly what you need to know to start getting stronger straight away...

"Here's A More Detailed Look At What You'll Learn When You Take Me Up On My Offer... "

This offer contains 5 e-books and 4 bonus books, all designed to help you increase your Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. I'll show you what you get in each book right now...

In "Explode Your Squat" you'll discover: In "Explode Your Bench" you'll discover: In "Explode Your Deadlift" you'll discover: In "Conditioning & Recovery Workouts For The Strength Athlete" you'll discover: In "Powerful Pull-Ups" you'll discover:
"Who Needs These Books And Who Doesn't?"

If you're the kind of guy who already has outstanding Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift technique, then maybe you don't need this.

If you can already Squat 3 x your bodyweight, Bench Press 2 x your bodyweight and Deadlift 3.5 x your bodyweight RAW... then maybe you don't need this.

If you have never experienced an injury, ache or pain whilst at the gym, then maybe you don't need this.

If your conditioning levels are amazing and you fully understand the best ways to recover from your strength training sessions - maybe you don't need this.

If you can perform 6 strict reps in the Wide Grip Pull-Up with 50kg strapped to your waist and perform 35 dead hang bodyweight pull-ups, then maybe you don't need this.

However, if you answer "YES" to one of the following questions... I recommend that you get yourself a copy of these books.

And if you answer "YES" to more than one of these questions... you must get yourself a copy immediately:

The bottom line is this:

I don’t need to tell you whether or not you need the information that is in these books. If you need them, you already know it.

There is a very good chance that these books contain THE KEYS you need to have the success at building strength that you want. And I want you to have that STRENGTH…

"What Makes This Different From Everything Else Out There?"

These books are written by a guy who has "been there and done it" - me. They have not been put together by some "internet warrior" who has never lifted a weight in his life... unlike much of the information out there today.

I have built my strength on the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift to world class levels, and have competed against some of the STRONGEST men in the World and very often beaten them.

I also teach what is in these books to my clients and they very often experience the best strength gains of their life. Just check out what Jim said after he bought my Deadlift book and used the advice wisely:

" Hi Andy, my name is Jim Thompson. I just got your book “Explode your Deadlift”. I loved it and the technique section was very helpful. My best Deadlift up to getting your book was 744lbs. After a few changes in form and adding a lot of KB swings I hit a pr of 805lbs! I’m 43 yrs old and weigh 240lbs. When I hit 744 I was 290lbs. My squat has gone up as well. My best at 290lbs was 985. I hit 900 for 2 at 240 lbs. Thank you for the motivation and easy to understand guidance."

–Jim Thompson - Powerlifter

The power of what can be achieved when you take my advice and apply it to your own training is huge. You'll be excited by the results when you do. Just be sure to drop me an email at andy@andyboltonstrength.com and let me know about it (like Jim did)... I'd like to hear from you soon.

"Here's What You Are Going To Get... "

When you place your order, you will receive the following books - all of which are available for INSTANT download (so no shipping charges and no waiting for stuff to arrive in the post. All you need to read them is Abobe Acrobat... it doesn't get any easier):

Explode Your Squat book cover
  • 1 copy of the "Explode Your Bench" e-book
Explode Your Bench book cover
  • 1 copy of the "Explode Your Deadlift" e-book
Explode Your Deadlift book cover
  • 1 copy of the "Conditioning & Recovery Workouts For The Strength Athlete" e-book
Conditioning & Recovery Workout For The Strength Athlete book cover
  • 1 copy of the "Powerful Pull-Ups" e-book
Powerful Pull Ups Book Cover

Within these books, you will find:

  • Easy to understand information on Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift Technique (everything is covered that you need to know in order to build technical excellence on these lifts)... perfecting technique will get you STRONGER, faster than anything else

  • Advice on how to develop a strong mind-set... ESSENTIAL if you want to Squat, Press and Pull BIG weights

  • Color Photographs (these make the ideas and concepts in the books even simpler to understand)

  • Simple drills to help improve your lifts quickly - starting today

  • Ideas that could lengthen your training career by keeping you injury- free

  • Proven information that I've used and my clients have used to build HUGE numbers on the Squat, Bench and Deadlift

  • The truth about conditioning and recovery methods for the strength athlete - prepare to be fitter, better conditioned and stronger very soon

  • Simple, yet highly effetive ways to master the king of upper body pulling exercises - the PULL-UP... when you do this you'll have a stronger back than ever before

And that's not all,

You are also going to receive 4 awesome bonus books...

"Your 4 Bonus Books That Will Supercharge Your Results... "

When you combine what you are going to discover in The Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Conditioning/Recovery and Pull-Up books with the information in these bonus books you will achieve amazing results...

Bonus 1: The Truth About Recovery Methods: 7 keys To Rapid Recovery From Your Strength Training Sessions

7 Keys To Rapid Recovery e-book

In this book you will discover:

  • 2 recovery methods that are cheap and effective - that when combined will significantly reduce muscle soreness from training sessions or totally eliminate it

  • The most powerful recovery method of all... not only will it help you recover from heavy Squat sessions, it'll also improve your health

  • What to drink before, during and after training - most lifters and athletes over-look this but it is one of the fastest ways to improve your recovery AND skyrocket your strength and muscular size

  • 9 easy ways to improve your sleep... sleep better and you'll recover better. Period.

Bonus 2: 12 Week Big Bench Training Program

12 Week Big Bench Training Program

In this 12 Week Bench Program you will discover:

  • The exact training cycle I used leading up to my 342.5kg (754lbs) Bench Press - you can follow it exactly if you like

  • 4 exercises that you can use to build your Bench Press - they are easy to learn and can be performed in any gym

  • How to modify my program if you Bench Raw - it's quick to do and will improve your results massively

  • 3 exercises for curing a weak Bench Press start... these movements will build your strength off your chest

  • How to train your Bench Press once per week AND how to train your Bench Press twice per week... both ways will produce great results - you'll see how to do it in this book

Bonus 3: “The 5 Best Exercises For A Bullet-Proof Bench Press Lockout And MONSTER Triceps”

The 5 Best Exercises For A Bullet-Proof Bench Press And Monster Triceps: Book Cover

In this book you will discover:

  • 2 ways to use BANDS to build your lockout - they are both easy to do and can be done in any gym

  • How to use Board Presses and the Floor Press to increase your triceps strength

  • A fool-proof way to use CHAINS to build your Bench Press

  • The correct way to set-up all 5 of the best lockout/tricep exercises - images are included to demonstrate this

Bonus 4:"Spartan Strength Secrets: Volume 1"

Spartan Strength Secrets Book Cover

Jack Lovett is one of the UK's best Strength Coaches. In his book, 'Spartan Strength Secrets', you'll discover:

  • 5 Deadlift variations (that are quick and easy to learn)... that you can instantly use to build extreme strength, all the Deadlifting muscles and get yourself a bigger pull

  • A Deadlift variation that's easier on your Back than Conventional pulls... a perfect variation if you are trying to work around an injury or if you are a beginner

  • The Correct way to perform Tire Flips, Atlas Stones and Farmer's Walks - if you don't want to tear your Biceps AND you want to build brutal strength... you need to know these simple, proven techniques
Click Here To Grab Your Copy Now For Only $97

You are getting a ton of value when you take advantage of this offer. And it's all designed to help you get stronger and improve your Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift...

Here's the maths:

  • "Explode Your Squat" = $49.97

  • "Explode Your Bench" = $77

  • "Explode Your Deadlift" = $44

  • "Conditioning & Recovery Workouts For The Strength Athlete" = $17.97

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  • Total = $206.91, but today you pay only $97

  • Oh, and of course you get the 4 FREE Bonus books as well

  • Just remember that this offer expires at midnight on July 22nd 2011 so don't miss out and be sure to take advantage before it's too late

I should also probably tell you that people pay me $147 plus for an hour's coaching and $250 to intern with me. For just $97 you get to discover my best ideas and keep them forever... so that you can constantly refer back to them whenever you need help.

You are getting a ton of value with this offer - it's as simple as that. No catch ;)

I just like helping people to get strong and want you to achieve your strength potential. That's why I've put this offer together for you. So take advantage now and start getting stronger today...

Click Here To Grab Your Copy Now For Only $97
"My 100% Money-Back Guarantee... "

I am 100% confident that when you apply what you discover in my books - you will quickly become the strongest, most technically proficient and least injury prone lifter that you have ever been.

There is no doubt of this in my mind because I am sharing with you the exact same things I use in my own training and my clients training and it always produces great results.

For this reason, when you buy my books and take advantage of my offer, you will do so risk-free because I am going to give you a full 60 day money-back guarantee.

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, simply drop me an email at andy@andyboltonstrength.com and I'll refund you in full - no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose and a whole new world of STRENGTH to gain.

You could just walk away right now, leave this page without grabbing yourself copies of my books and carry on training as you were.

The problem is that if you do that you will have the exact same problems that you are currently experiencing...

If you have poor technique, you'll still have poor technique. If you are weak on the Squat, Bench Press and/or Deadlift... you'll still be weak.

Worse still, if you have injuries, they'll remain with you. If your conditioning is poor and your recovery abilities are not great - those problems will persist as well. If you suffer the embarrassing condition whereby you can't do a Pull-Up and have weak Lats, Traps, Biceps, Forearms and Grip strength... you better get used to it because if you don't change what you are doing, you'll end up with the same old mediocre or poor results.

Even worse than all that is the fact that you'll know that the way to improve was only a few clicks away and yet you let it slip through your finger tips.

However, if you decide to take advantage of my offer you will discover the strength training SECRETS that have enabled me to become extremely strong. Furthermore, you will find that when you take what you learn in the books and apply it to your own training, YOU will become a better lifter.

In fact, when you take what you learn and apply it, you are likely to find the following awesome things to be true:

  • Your Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift technique improve massively

  • Your Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift numbers skyrocket

  • Your Pull-Up strength goes up... your Lats, Upper Back, Biceps, Forearms and Grip all get stronger and as a result so too does your Squats, Presses and Pulls

  • You recover much faster from your strength training sessions

  • Your conditioning improves and you can complete your strength training sessions in less time or do more work in the same time - basically, you'll be training much more efficiently

  • Aches and Pains will reduce and you will be much less likely to get injured

  • Your mind will be STRONGER and in turn this will give you a new-found confidence, both inside the gym and outside of it

I am sure you will agree that all of those things are highly desirable, but I can't make up your mind for you. However, I think you already know whether or not you need help with your lifting and if so you know that taking advantage of my offer is going to help you massively.

I wish you every success in your quest to get stronger and please be sure to let me know your success stories - I'd love to hear them. You can email me at andy@andyboltonstrength.com

Talk soon,

Andy Bolton's hand-written signature

Andy Bolton
Powerlifter, Strength Coach, Author, Public Speaker and the first man to ever Deadlift 1000lbs

P.S This is a totally risk-free purchase. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just drop me an email within 60 days of purchase and I'll refund you in full - no questions ask. You really have nothing to lose and a whole new world of strength to gain.

P.P.S If you are serious about improving your Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift, there are certain things you must work on. The most important is your TECHNIQUE and that's why I share the very best of what I know about technique in the books you are about to buy.

Of course, you'll also discover how to perform conditioning workouts, recover from your heavy strength training sessions, get really STRONG on Pull-Ups and a load more great stuff in the books and 4 FREE bonuses. The end result will be that you end up stronger, better conditioned and less likely to suffer an injury than ever before.

"Testimonials... "
" Hi Andy, my name is Jim Thompson. I just got your book “Explode your Deadlift”. I loved it and the technique section was very helpful. My best Deadlift up to getting your book was 744lbs. After a few changes in form and adding a lot of KB swings I hit a pr of 805lbs! I’m 43 yrs old and weigh 240lbs. When I hit 744 I was 290lbs. My squat has gone up as well. My best at 290lbs was 985. I hit 900 for 2 at 240 lbs. Thanks you for the motivation and easy to understand guidance."

–Jim Thompson - Powerlifter

"Hey Andy, I really enjoyed reading your books, including "Explode Your Deadlift"... I learned a lot. I always said that you had the advantage over me on the pull, because you have long arms. I now realise that that is a poor excuse. I learned from reading your book that I do not spend enough time on my set-up. I also do not get the proper mental state of mind with deadlifts when I train or in a meet. I dread them. So with your added advice for lengthening the arms and the truth about where the feet and hands go in relation to the bar position, I should see a PR in the near future. Thank you for helping me with my worst lift. Good things are yet to come! Cheers mate"

–Donnie Thompson, Owner of the all-time Powerlifting Total Record and Strength Legend

"If I should ever get back into Powerlifting and require advice on how to build my Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift - I know where I would turn... To my great friend and Powerlifting legend; Andy Bolton."

–Svend Karlsen. Former World's Strongest Man, Powerlifter, Bodybuilder

Usual Price $206.91... Right Now Just $97

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